Your honeymoon, aka your first trip together as a MARRIED couple is one of the best trips of your life. No matter where you plan to go, it’s sure to be a memorable experience for both of you. Along with all the planning that goes into a wedding, planning for a honeymoon also goes hand in hand with that! If you’re beginning to plan and aren’t quite sure where to start, we crafted some tips together for you to help with the honeymoon planning process!

“The honeymoon is the unforgettable period in a couple’s life. Later in life, tried and tired in the dust and mist of relations, together or not, they would always miss that time they spent together. Every bit of it.”

Girdhar Joshi

Begin planning early!

Like, right now!  Well, after you take the two minutes to read this article anyway.  🙂 The last thing you want to do while prepping for your wedding is to put the honeymoon part off until the end. Like we said in the beginning, honeymoon planning should be incorporated in your wedding plans as well. Just think, you’ll be spending roughly a year or more putting everything together for the big day, which also is enough time to do the proper research and book your trip! Trust us, you’ll thank yourselves later when you aren’t scrambling to try and find the most convenient hotel in a place that may have the better rooms already booked.

Be smart about your money

This tip is crucial. When we say be smart about your money, we don’t mean to just pick the most inexpensive place because it seems somewhat reasonable. You should most certainly look for the better deals that are offered (because who are we kidding, weddings are already expensive enough!), but don’t just jump on the first good deal you see. So many options are out there, and even having a travel broker to lead you in the right direction could benefit you financially as well.  By the way, most travel brokers DO NOT cost extra.  They get a commission on what they book you, just like sites like Expedia would.  Speaking of money…

Consider Honeyfund

Honeyfund is a honeymoon registry.  Instead of your guests buying you gifts you might not really need, if you register for Honeyfund, guests can help pay for excursions, resorts, flights, etc.  Seriously, would you rather have a decorative bowl of china you never use, or an amazing excursion experience?

If you know you’re dying to ride horses on the beach, book it ahead of time!

Make a list of what you want out of your honeymoon

You’re going to experience many adventures together as a married couple, but your honeymoon is something you only get to do once. So with that being said, you and your fiancé should choose a place that you’re both happy with, and that you’ll remember for all the years to come. Making a list of both your preferences is the perfect place to start. This way you can figure out what each of your preferences are, and what you’re also looking to get out of the trip. Don’t feel obligated to just go somewhere tropical because that’s what all your other married friends have done. This is your trip, and it should fit exactly what you both envision your honeymoon to be like!

Prepare transportation and excursions in advance

Once you have your destination picked, explore what the area has to offer. If there are certain days that group hiking trips are offered, book those while you’re booking everything else! Certain attractions in popular tourist places will fill up quickly, and may not be available to fit your schedule when you arrive. So if you know you’re dying to ride horses on the beach, book it ahead of time! Also keep in mind that you’ll need transportation while you’re on your trip. Consider renting a car, or look into what other options are available.

Don’t let the planning process of this get to you – it’s supposed to be fun!

Plan your time accordingly

If you know that you only have a limited amount of vacation time for your trip, keep that in mind when choosing a location. You don’t want to travel halfway around the world if you don’t have the time to do so. You can still pick destination that you and your partner love, just be sure it fits with your schedule accordingly!

Have fun!

The most important piece of advice we can give you is to enjoy yourselves! This is a time for you both to escape reality and for the first time have a getaway as a happily married couple 🙂 and remember, don’t let the planning process of this get to you – it’s supposed to be fun! With the proper amount of time spent planning and choice of destination, your honeymoon will go off without a hitch!

We hope this helps!  Enjoy the planning process!

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