Frequently Asked Questions

For Couples

What happens if I decide not to use the vendor?

This is up to the vendor, although most deposits are non-refundable.  The vendor will deliver a contract to you shortly after booking, so check there for cancellation policies.

Will I sign a contract with the vendor?

Yes, the vendor will contact you shortly after booking to sign a contract.

How do you review the vendors to make sure they're legit?

Vendors cannot publish a listing without approval.  To get approved, we verify email and phone number, and we'll look at the vendor's overall web presence.  If anything doesn't look right, the listing will not get published.

Do you offer any support throughout the process?

You have the option of booking a wedding planner through GoGetWed who can assist you throughout the planning process.  However, we do offer a free one-hour consultation with one of our wedding planners if you book more than $5000 through GoGetWed.


For Vendors


Is this free?

100% free to list your business, although you'll pay a commission with each booking.

If I travel to different destinations, can I have multiple listings?

Technically you'll need to create a separate listing, with a separate address.

I usually take more than a 25% deposit.  Is there a spot to change the deposit amount?

Not at this time, although we will offer this down the road.  Right now we're keeping it simple.

What percent commission does GoGetWed take?

Between Paypal fees and GoGetWed take, the total commission comes out to 5%.